Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Evidence that Bill Bohlke, former mayor of Hollywood Park, was killed by a donkey, but by a human!

The Bohlke's family is asking that the public get involved and call the authorities. Tonight, there will be a live broadcast on Kens 5 Eye Witness News into the matter. This is in an effort to Re-Open the murder investigation in the case of the former Mayor Bill Bohlke, allegedly killed by a donkey. There are too many inconsistencies in the case, but the authorities will not do anything to help the family.

For the first time, here are some of the pictures of the crime scene:

As you can see, the ground is undisturbed as Former Mayor Bohlke lies dead. Where are the animal prints on the ground? Even a piece of weed remains undisturbed. Highly unlikely if an animal attacked the former Mayor. What is that across his cheeks? Looks like the mark that a pipe would leave on the body, not a donkey.

This is not a hoof mark from a donkey, this is a boot print on the back of Bill Bohlke! Unless the donkey wears size 10 to 12 in shoes, that is very unlikely caused by a donkey. Donkeys do not wear boots.

Several boot prints on the back of Mayor Bill Bohlke the night of his murder. Again, donkeys do not wear boots, humans do!

These  pictures should be very clear! The Sheriff of the Atascosa County needs to Re-Open an investigation.

Sheriff David Soward has these qualifications listed on his website; yet, he will not Re-Open a criminal investigation into the murder of Former Mayor of Hollywood Park Bill Bohlke, Why?

◾Graduated from Texas A&M Engineering Extension Law Enforcement Academy – 1975
◾Reserve Volunteer Police Officer, City of Jourdanton – Sept. 1975-Dec. 1976
◾Appointed Deputy Sheriff by Sheriff Tommy Williams – January 1, 1977
◾Worked as a Dispatcher and Jailer – 1977-1980
◾Promoted to Patrol Deputy – May 1980
◾Spearheaded and conducted successful capital murder investigation resulting in 2 arrests & convictions – 1981
◾Promoted to Assistant Chief Deputy Sheriff – 1984
◾Appointed first Criminal Investigator for Atascosa Co. Sheriff’s Office – January 1, 1986
◾Created the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division
◾Promoted to Chief Deputy Sheriff – June 1986
◾Successfully supervised and conducted county wide undercover narcotics investigation resulting in the arrest and subsequent conviction of 62 drug dealers
◾Initiated, conducted, and supervised over 800 narcotics investigations
◾Supervised or conducted investigations resulting in the seizure of over $200,000 in
 drug money from narcotics traffickers
◾Conducted more than 25 homicide investigations resulting in over a 90% clearance
◾Conducted more than 500 burglary investigations
◾Helped create more than 20 Neighborhood Watch Programs in the county
◾Trained and was appointed Auto Theft Investigator for Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office
◾Appointed Commander of the 81st Judicial District Narcotics Task Force by the
 District Attorney in 1990, serving till 1994, for a four-county area
◾Worked undercover and made narcotic purchases from drug dealers
◾Supervised task force agents in all levels of narcotics enforcement in over 250
 undercover investigations
◾Obtained over 1,400 hours of in-service continuing education and specialized training in Law Enforcement
◾Twenty-five years of supervising up to 22 deputies and 5 criminal investigators
◾Twenty-five years experience in assisting with county jail operations

These are the Seven Questions that the family has for the Sheriff of Atascosa County:

1) If the donkey was found with large amounts of blood, where did the blood come from? Mr. Bohlke did not bleed!

2) If the donkey was aggressive as you stated in your statement, why did the clothing come back negative for any animal residue? A lot of animal residue should have been found.

3) If a donkey attacked Mr. Bohlke aggressively, why was the ground undisturbed? The pictures show no signs of animal marks on the ground.

4) If a donkey attacked Mayor Bohlke, why were there no bite marks on his body? DNA forensic evidence should disprove this theory.

5) If a the case was investigated by the Texas Rangers, where is the Report? The Rangers told the family no such report exist.

6) Have you question the two suspects, the men that went to buy the bull the day that Bill Bohlke was killed, after the family gave the information to the authorities? No one has been question by authorities.

7) Why did Mr. Bohlke not bleed after an aggressive attack by a donkey? After all, he was taking Plavix. Blood should have been everywhere!

The Bohlke's family deserve better! Mayor Bohlke was a hero, and the authorities in Atascosa County are not helping to solve this case. This is NOT A CLOSE CASE!!! RE-OPEN the investigation.


  1. What can we do to get them to re-open the case?

  2. What can we do to get them to re-open the case?

  3. I think it's horrible that a man's body has to be strewn about the internet to get the case re-opened!
    I will contact police dept privately, but I'm sorry, I cannot share these photos.
    My condolences to the family.
    Former Hollywood resident,

    1. Pictures speak a thousand words. Do what you can and are willing to do to help, but you shouldn't use the term strewn about the internet like it is some cheap attempt for attention. I'm sure the family is aware of and approved the posting of these photos with one goal in mind... justice for Mr. Bohlke. If it were your loved one and pictures like these could attract even 1 person who has information or influence, the posting of the photos is worth it.