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Friday, May 30, 2008

How much training is the police really getting?

The Metropolitan Police Act of 1829 created the first police force. These newly form policemen, were known as––the Peelers’ and Bobbies’–because their creator name was Robert Peeler. Form the inception, people has always hated them. That was because more than half of them were drunkards and improperly trained. Many cartoonist have depicted them as such. Eventually, the impact that the police had on crime, specially organized crime, has lead to the acceptance of the police force.

Today, the police force is submitted through rigorous training in order to become a cop. The famous "Police Academy." Although that is not the case for all police forces. Many Sheriff’s Departments in the Nation allow "deputies" to start a job with the department without having a licence first. For example, in Bexar County, deputies begin their careers at the jail, whether or not, the deputy has a TCLEOSE Peace Officer License. Which means that, their training, may not be as suspected by most people.

In order for the police force to work, a two prong mechanism has to be in place. Restrain and Respect. The police needs to exercise restrain in order to get respect by the people. But, how can the police show restrain, if they have not been properly trained. And vice versa, how can the people show respect, if the police force does not restrain themselves under all situations.

There needs to be psychological evaluations to all prospective policeman before they are let out in the streets. If the force has not been properly trained, or licensed, then superior officers need to supervise their cops more closely. If the police does not perform well in simulated dangerous scenarios, and do not show the proper restrain, then the police should not be allow to handle any situation on the streets.

Within the last few years, Americans have seen an increase of police mishandling of situations. What was once a simple traffic stop by a friendly policeman, has now become a nightmare. That’s because again, in most cases, police does not show the proper restrain needed to handle the situation. With great power comes great responsibility, and since some police officers are not getting the proper training, the power, and lack of restrain, is overpowering.

If you have been submitted to police maltreatment, or abuse, please contact our firm for a free initial consultation. Please call (210) 979-9777 or visit our web sites at or for an evaluation of your case. This is why we say "we care about your legal needs!"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Glad we can help!

Recently, we posted a blog about business fraud conducted by Nigerian individuals against US Law Firms. We have received hundreds of calls from attorneys thanking us for the information and informing us that they too have been victimized.

We are encouraged by the fact that the scheme is been recognized and that other lawyers are spreading the news that these crooks need to be put in jail.

Let us remind our readers that these people from Nigeria will used any name of reputable companies in order to achieve their objectives. Regrettably, it is the name of these companies that will suffer by the actions of these crooks, as well as the law firms involved. Also, let us remind you that not all the people from Nigeria are responsible for this, it is just a selected group that have upted to defraud others by doing the wrong thing.

We urge you to share the information with other attorneys about the Nigerian plot, and that if you are aware of any activities of these nature, to contact your local authorities or the FBI.

Thankfully, we can share this information in a positive way in hopes that, we one day, can put a stop to this perpetrated fraud.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Another police brutality article

We wrote an article about police brutality about one month ago, and to our surprise, we have had more clients commenting on how the police really treated them. Come to find out, all our clients have suffered from the same "police brutality syndrome." As research are getting closer to an answer pertaining to police behavior on the job, citizens continue to suffer based on the ability to the police to get away with murder before the city, or county, does anything about it.

Our latest case just happened this weekend. Our client was just minding his own business when he was stopped, beaten and incarcerated by the police. The police used the "usual" language of evading arrest, terrorist threats, and failure to follow orders when given by a police officer. How ironic that, the police who stops you and bitts you up, is the same that states that he/she felt threatened by your behavior. They use the pretext of terror in order to advance their own agenda of terror against the citizens that they are supposed to protect.

Let me remind our readers that: not all cops are corrupted! But is hard to differentiate between good cops and the crooked ones. Supposedly, cops feel pressure from the jobs as they get older and wiser on the jobs. This is why we have witness in the past year or so, so many increases of allegations of police maltreatment. This weekend alone, we know that the jails were crowded with suspected terrorist and people that the police felt had threatened their lives. That we know of, at least 5 people were beaten by police because they felt threatened. This includes man and females alike.

Makes you wonder what kind of training are these police officers getting at the academy. Nevertheless, we are supposed to continue to put up with the behavior of police officer because they feel the need to state the they were threatened by our actions. Lately, police have made more violations to our constitutional rights than ever. Maybe is time that we do something about it.

If you have been a victim of police brutality, please give us a call. We are a law firm that care about your legal needs. Call us at (210) 979-9777 or visit our website at or for a free initial consultation.

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