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Saturday, September 27, 2014

This is how you feel right before an auto collision, we know!

When it comes to an auto accident, this is how you feel right before the collision! It is like the entire world stops around you. At The Baez Law Firm, we know how you feel, because we deal with it every day, and Mr. Baez has the personal experience as to that feeling as well. Read it HERE.

As a former ICU Nurse, and now the Senior Litigator of our Law Firm, Mr. Baez recognizes the severity and the need to care for the injured victim.

Our lawyers have been trained by Mr. Baez in the art of compassion and sympathy for the injured. Because of this, no one of our clients is treated like a number, they are treated like family. We believe that each injured person deserves to get back to a normal life, free of pain and suffering.

We have a Registered Nurse on Staff, ready to help our injured victims!!! From the beginning of a case, to the culmination of the same, our clients will be guided by professionals that are familiar with injuries, medical treatment and more importantly, that are compassionate about the pain that our clients may be suffering.

Although auto accidents are very common, and it seems now a days that all attorneys are handling personal injury cases, not all lawyers are the same. For example, when an lawyer that has no medical background takes a case, since the lawyer has no prior knowledge, the lawyer would not necessarily know how to handle the different aspect of a case. In fact, that lawyer would not know whether the client needs pain management, what treatment modalities apply and more importantly, the attorney would not know how to deal with the adjuster that has intensive knowledge because of a computer program.

When you are a victim of an auto accident, you need a lawyer that not only knows the law, it also knows how to  navigate your case and get you the maximum for your lost. Injury is not for the fainted heart, and many lawyers should not be taking care of injured victims.

If you are ever in an accident, and need legal assistant, please come to The Baez Law Firm. But if you don't, and you decide to go some where else, ask your lawyer this question "How many injured victims have you personally saved?" When they tell you none, then come back to us and ask Mr. Baez the same question!

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