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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rear ended by another driver, Res ipsa is your solution

In Texas, there are hundreds if not thousands of accidents every day. Many of them involve a rear end collision that presumably indicated liability on the person who hit from behind. But why? Our accident lawyers can answer your questions.

Drivers may argue that it was the front driver's inattention that lead him/her to have the accident since the driver in front slammed on the brakes. Our accident attorney has handle this situation many times over.

Res ipsa loquitur- a Latin word that means "the thing speaks for itself." This is an evidentiary rule in torts that the very fact that an accident occurred is enough to provide a prima facie case of negligent behavior. Rear ending another vehicle is a perfect example of showing failure to maintain a safe distance on the part of the rear-ender, regardless of the conditions.

Many times the insurance company for the rear-ender will argue this point, but with no success. Our accident lawyer will remain the insurance company of this rule time and time again.

Our accident attorneys will fight for your rights in court. We have helped thousands of individuals in Texas when they are injured by a rear end collision. Insurance companies have their legal team, and so should you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Charged with Murder in Texas? Our lawyers can help!

Even though we are personal injury lawyers and attorneys, accident lawyers, accident attorneys, our general practice law firm also handles criminal defense; thus this posting.

Like Florida, Texas juries find themselves in the middle of murder trials. Jurors are required to give value and weight the evidence. Like Florida, a persons needs to be convicted with evidence beyond reasonable doubt. That means that, if the evidence is not strong enough, and doubt exist, a jury must acquit.

Many people get upset when cases, like Casey Anthony, are found Not Guilty. A sense of failure of justice is shared amongst many. However, we have said that this is the way that our legal system was meant to work. The jurors in this case got it right!

When prosecutors have no direct evidence, many times they create this phantom story that some times jurors buy and innocent people get convicted. Our legal system was created so that, not one single innocent person goes to jail; but because of the tenacity of prosecutors, and inefficiency of some defense lawyers, jurors get it confused.

We have represented the wrongfully accused in Texas and will continue to do this. We believe in the constitution and every one deserves a fair and impartial jury. Let us help you with your criminal defense.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Congratulations to Jose Baez of The Baez Law Firm in Florida!

Jose Baez and his legal team has shown the world that juries still get it right. Let this be a day to remember where the constitution, once again, has been honored by those who swore to follow it.

Although we loved the phone calls, emails, and others regarding the case while it was pending and even after, we are not the attorneys that represented Casey Anthony nor are we related in any way shape of form to The Baez Law Firm in Florida.

The Baez Law Firm, P.C. does handle criminal defense cases in Texas but not in Florida. Again, our congratulations for a job well done to Jose Baez and his legal team in Florida.

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