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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Congratulations to Jose Baez of The Baez Law Firm in Florida!

Jose Baez and his legal team has shown the world that juries still get it right. Let this be a day to remember where the constitution, once again, has been honored by those who swore to follow it.

Although we loved the phone calls, emails, and others regarding the case while it was pending and even after, we are not the attorneys that represented Casey Anthony nor are we related in any way shape of form to The Baez Law Firm in Florida.

The Baez Law Firm, P.C. does handle criminal defense cases in Texas but not in Florida. Again, our congratulations for a job well done to Jose Baez and his legal team in Florida.


salivan said...

JoseBaez was great. I always believed in her innocence. I also think there is hidden logic in the folds of this story of the Anthonys...I've already figured out what could be the "real" deal,and it includes Cindy, whom I believe has about 4 faces.At least more than one totally opposite personalities from that of the doting grandma....

M.Smiley said...

Great job Jose Baez....Knew you could do it! We was behind you and all your collegues on the Casey Anthony Trial. One hell of a speech afterwards...Nancy Grace is eating her words now...looks like she ate more than words lately! LOL
M. Smiley---friends from South Georgia

getten2u said...

Only positive comments will be posted. Wonder why?

getten2u said...

The Anthony case demonstrates how a client can win even with inept counsel. What you would never want a lawyer to do(like opening doors on evidence you want to keep sealed) was clearly shown for all to see. Practice on due deligence and fact checking and maybe next time you wont look so bad.

Lola V said...

I sent this email to Attorney Baez yesterday:

Dear Mr. Baez:

I thank you for defending those whom everyone has already condemned as guilty.

I hope that justice in the United States courts is always not just what people may want it or think it to be, but that which is decided by 12 jurors in front of a Judge after hearing both the prosecution and the defense.

It is not only a celebration today for your client, Ms. Anthony, but also for this nation's justice system. For those who wanted to see "justice served", they have seen it today.

Bless you, your whole defense team, Ms. Anthony, and I pray for the many others that will be considered "guilty before proven innocent".

Again, God Bless You sir,

NidaRodriguez said...

One question was it difficult to know when Casey was lying to you and when she wasn't. It must have been difficult to work with this type of person.

flipz said...

I am so glad to find a blog for the other side of this media mess. Jose Baez I think that your defense was just awesome!! Nancy Grace needs to be catagorized with Jerry Springer and HLN is starting to look ridiculous with all of the speculation about why Casey wont see her mother. Someone please tell me where I can shout out from Texas lol.. Cheney Mason you are the bomb too and God Bless for walking through this with Mr. Baez and Casey!!!

bullard said...

Why is it that we never see everyones posts, except for the ones you like. I posted something which has never been seen. ???? It figures......
and yes, congratulations on defending a baby killer. I hope you can sleep at night.

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