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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We helped another family in Texas with their police brutality case

Our law firm has been helping people in Texas when they have a case of police abuse, police use of excessive force or when police use their power for the wrong reasons. We have helped thousands throughout Texas with this noble fight.

Recently, we settled a case for our clients when several county deputies abused their power simply because they thought they could. Although we cannot comment on the facts of the case, everyone should know that the deputies were fired and our clients were compensated. Several peace officers that thought they would get away abusing their power did not.

If your loved one has been killed by a cop, let us know. You may have a case against the police. Since we help people when others can't, this is why we say, we care about your legal needs.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Help our team reach the goal!

The Baez Law Firm will be raising funds for a worthy cause. Fight Gone Bad 5. We are doing this because, as Americas, we enjoy our freedoms by some one's sacrifice in battle. Our wounded soldiers.

There is no better sacrifice than to give your life for some one else. Although we are not asking any of our readers to give their lives, we are asking you to help us raise the funds for our wounded soldiers.

This is a way to say thank you, for each and every soldier that has sacrifice so much so that we don't have too. Thanks for your support.

Please, visit our site and help us raise the fund.

Alamo Cross Fit Fight Done Bad 5

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Had a police brutality case, come see us!

As a citizen of the United States, you have constitutionally given rights that protect you. Texans are not an exception. When police uses excessive force "police brutality" you need a law firm that knows how to handle the case.

Regretably, the law in Texas protects police officers. In Texas, there is a force continuum that allows the cops to always be in a position superior to any other. The reason is simple, but the results are catastrophic. Because this false sense of security for the cops, some cops missuses that power, and that is when your rights can be violated.

If you suspect that your civil rights have been violated, give us a call (210) 979-9777. We handle federal cases all throughout Texas.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Helping you with your injury

Many times, prospective clients indicate to us that they need help with their personal injury cases. Often times the problems is that people think that they can handle their own legal problems, simply because they have seen it on television. The fact of the matter is, they cannot.

Lawyers go through intensive training and develop skills with time that the lay person cannot posses by watching television. If you think about it, insurance companies have top lawyers representing them. With that in mind, you should too.

We received a call today that the person wanted help. They wanted us to answer one question because the statute of limitations was tomorrow, so they needed advise. They mentioned numerous legal terms that were irrelevant to what they wanted to accomplish. We told them they did not need advise, they needed a miracle.

Our San Antonio law firm handles injury cases against negligent people. We often fight insurance companies to negotiate settlements on behalf of our clients. In every situation, the insurance companies tries to negotiate a case in order to minimize their exposure. Since we know that, we are able to use that tool for our client's advantage.

We also handle cases against police departments that have deviated from their principle duty to serve and protect. Although police forces enjoy what is called "qualify immunity," many times they have exceeded their authority which violates people's constitutional rights, and that is when we come in.

Please, if you have been injured in San Antonio, you need a lawyer that can handle your case. Do not do it alone. We offer free initial consultations in order to evaluate a case and give our clients the best possible answer.

Give us a try, and you will see the difference that our law firm has to offer.

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