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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Baez Law Firm to open new offices in Tilden, Jourdanton, Pleasanton, and other Counties in Texas

The Baez Law Firm, from San Antonio Texas, is please to announce the openings of new offices in Tilden, Jourdanton, Pleasanton, and many other Counties within the Eagle Ford Shell. The moved was announced yesterday by Mr. Baez. "Our San Antonio Lawyers are getting recognized by the community, and its time that we expand our reach!" The Firm's personal injury section has grown, and we want to offer top legal representation to everyone within the area.

The Law Firm will be concentrating in the area of Trucking Accidents and Oil Rig Accidents initially, specially those accidents that lead to a Wrongful Death. People within the Eagle Ford Shell can contact our Toll Free Number for a Free Initial Consultation. We will be representing the injured and their families against the big oil companies within the area.

Since the oil production is booming within the area, so are the fatalities that come with big commercial trucks and big oil rigs. The Baez Law Firm, from San Antonio Texas is here to help the families of the victims of the accidents that these trucks and oil rigs bring to the community. No injury or fatality should go unnoticed. That is our goal! The Department of Transportation has indicated that the injuries and fatalities within this area has increased. Someone needs to do something about the injured victims and their families. That is why we are expanding, says Mr. Baez.

As a former Military Member and a former Nurse, Mr. Baez has always been concerned with the well being of the people that he serves and the community. This will be another way to give back to those that have been injured that would otherwise, be forgotten by the systems that injured them in the first place. "We are here for the injured and their families and not for the oil companies, says Mr. Baez. So, I have authorized two of my lawyers to start working on the project, and we are please to announce the inception of such projects within those counties."

We welcome the challenge with open arms and we are here to help the community. Each person deserves top legal representation, and my lawyers are here to provide it for everyone. Give our lawyers a call, if you or someone you love has been a victim of a trucking accident or oil rig accident.

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