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Monday, March 14, 2011

A check from an insurance company Returned for Non Sufficient Funds

Our law firm handles thousands of personal injury claims with multiple insurance companies on behalf of our clients. Recently, we had a claim settled with Old American County Mutual Fire Insurance Co. on a personal injury case and guess what, their check bounced. We received notice from our IOLTA account that their check was "Returned Reason-Not Sufficient Funds!!!!

This creates serious problems: 1)the money is not ours to begin with 2)the clients want their money 3) the law firm is placed on a predicament because of this insurance company 4) the insurance company is not honoring their commitments. What are we to do?

Rather than filling suit against the insurance company or even contacting the District Attorney's Office for help (since the amount is way above the felony amounts) we are writing this entry for several reasons.

First, to let the public know that it happens. Second, to solicit further information from fellow attorneys and law firms on cases such as this; to make a determination if this is a common practice or an isolated case. Finally, to appeal to American County Mutual to make it right for our clients.

We have called, the insurance company but their automated system always says "all of our agents are busy now, please leave your name, number and we will call you as soon as possible." We are still waiting.

Our clients are hard working individuals that lives have been affected by the negligence of some one, and now, by the irresponsibility of an insurance company. We call that a "double whammy." This should never happen to any one! We are writing this because, we care about your legal needs!!!

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