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Friday, March 27, 2009

Car accidents in Texas

Our firm has helped thousands of individuals throughout Texas with their car accidents. As many of you may not know, insurance companies have many tactics to minimize each claim that is submitted by consumers. Even when you are supposed to be in good hands, it’s the total opposite, you are in for a fight. The reason is simple, they have to keep their stock holders happy, not you.

For example, when any one is hit from behind, and there is no broken bones, or contusions, or lacerations, or any major trauma, insurance companies have a way to evaluate the injuries. They are called soft tissue injuries. Now, the adjusters will start to minimize the injuries, the impact that the accident may have on people’s life and so for starters, they will not pay for the full value of the impact, since its only a small impact. Meanwhile, you have lost time from work, your car is not fixed and you are in pain.

Of course this happens when the individuals are not represented. On the other hand, when people come to our firm, their vehicles are repaired, they get seen by doctors and they get compensated for time lost from work. In other words, we maximize their recovery. This is one of the many reasons that people have to come to our law firm right after a car accident.

Another example is when the accident is more serious and there are broken bones, brain damage and or fatal injuries. Now the insurance companies will pay a little more, but they will still use all of their techniques to still minimize your claim. That is why is so important that you have efficient legal representation on your side. To properly care for your injuries, to fix your vehicle and to get you back to normal again, that is our commitment to you.

We always recommend that if you are involved in a car accident, or any type of personal injury, you should have legal representation. Insurance companies have their legal team working for them constantly, and so should you! Let us be your legal team because “We care about your legal needs.”

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The President wants to regulate the insurance industry

As our President talks to the nation on his Presidential News Conference, he mentioned that one of his pillars has to do with health care reform. One of his ideas is to regulate the insurance industry, based on the AIG scandal.

The only problem with that, as we see it, this could be potentially dangerous when it comes to settling case for personal injury claims. Although we would not speculate, we could see that if the government steps in, and regulates the industry, they would also dictate how much to pay for claims.

On the other hand, if the insurance companies are regulated, then we would not have the need to cap non-economical damages for claims, which has minimized the results obtain for those who need it the most. Since Texas has a cap, we have seen a raise in negligence by doctors, without having the doctors concern about loosing anything or even feeling sorry for their negligence, since they cannot be touched.

We can only wait to see how our economy is going to affect the way that personal injury attorneys are capable of helping those who have been affected by the negligence of others.

The Baez Law Firm, P.C. is a general practice law firm that is ready to help you during difficult times. We handle bankruptcy, criminal law, personal injury, family law, business law, consumer law, litigation, and appeals.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What is going on with the SAPD driving training?

As I am watching the news, I decided to write this blog since apparently, there is a problem with police offices having multiple accidents in San Antonio.

Car accidents are causing thousands of dollars, not only by regular citizens, but also by the San Antonio Police Department. The Department says that 90% of the accidents occurred when officers were only doing regular patrols.

Some officers have more than others; however, many of the one that have accidents, are the same ones that are having many of them. Based on the Department's policy, they are not supposed to speed when on police patrol.

New training for the department is been implemented, but 75% of the time that an officer is involved in an accident, they only get written or verbal warning. Only in 15% of them time, they will get remedial training.

The department admits that car accidents kill more officers than felonies or any other crimes. What are the citizens of San Antonio to do, perhaps required that the officers follow the same laws that all of us have to.

If you have been injured by a police car, please contact us. We are The Baez Law Firm, P.C and we are here because we care about your legal needs. The Baez Law Firm handles car accidents, family law, business law, criminal law, appeals, bankruptcy and estate planning.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Insurance companies not paying?

If you are like me, that deals with insurance companies all the time, you will know that insurance companies are not paying on their liability like they used to. Why is that? Maybe the economy is affecting them just like any other area of the market.

Although policy holders ultimately are the ones that will pay the increase in premiums, insurance companies nevertheless are not paying on accidents as much and as fast as they used to. What used to take our law firm one month to settle it's taking over six months in today's economy.

Unfortunately, the people affected by the accidents are the ones who suffer, while the shareholders of the insurance companies are getting richer. That is our free enterprise system, the rich get richer and the injured gets caps on damages.

If you have been injured in an accident, please contact our law firm. We are trained on handling insurance companies to get you the maximum amount for your claim.

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