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Friday, March 27, 2009

Car accidents in Texas

Our firm has helped thousands of individuals throughout Texas with their car accidents. As many of you may not know, insurance companies have many tactics to minimize each claim that is submitted by consumers. Even when you are supposed to be in good hands, it’s the total opposite, you are in for a fight. The reason is simple, they have to keep their stock holders happy, not you.

For example, when any one is hit from behind, and there is no broken bones, or contusions, or lacerations, or any major trauma, insurance companies have a way to evaluate the injuries. They are called soft tissue injuries. Now, the adjusters will start to minimize the injuries, the impact that the accident may have on people’s life and so for starters, they will not pay for the full value of the impact, since its only a small impact. Meanwhile, you have lost time from work, your car is not fixed and you are in pain.

Of course this happens when the individuals are not represented. On the other hand, when people come to our firm, their vehicles are repaired, they get seen by doctors and they get compensated for time lost from work. In other words, we maximize their recovery. This is one of the many reasons that people have to come to our law firm right after a car accident.

Another example is when the accident is more serious and there are broken bones, brain damage and or fatal injuries. Now the insurance companies will pay a little more, but they will still use all of their techniques to still minimize your claim. That is why is so important that you have efficient legal representation on your side. To properly care for your injuries, to fix your vehicle and to get you back to normal again, that is our commitment to you.

We always recommend that if you are involved in a car accident, or any type of personal injury, you should have legal representation. Insurance companies have their legal team working for them constantly, and so should you! Let us be your legal team because “We care about your legal needs.”


Ravish said...

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David Brett said...

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