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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are passengers entlitled to coverage?

Thousands of people suffer serious personal injuries every year
as a result of being the passenger in an automobile accident.
About 3,200,000 passengers in an automobile each year are injured
in automobile accidents. Approximately 41,000 fatalities resulted
from these accidents.

The important thing to remember is this, if the driver of the vehicle that
you were riding in is at fault, his or her insurance should provide coverage to pay for you injuries and medical bills. If another vehicle is at fault, the insurance company
of the driver who caused the accident should provide compensation.

Adjusters that work for Insurance companies will often try to not pay you what you
deserve, or will try to not pay you at all for injuries suffered
as a passenger. The insurance companies may claim that since they
do not cover you that you are on your own. They may even try to
fault you in some form or fashion.

The passengers have always had rights that they
are frequently unaware of. Adjusters will offer you a
quick settlement just to get you to sign off and to sign away
your rights for further compensation. What the insurance
companies do not tell you is that passengers are entitled to
additional compensations besides just medical fees.

Adjusters generally will not let you know that these entitlements are available. This is the insurance companies attempt at saving money. This is where a qualified and competent attorney comes into play. An attorney can help you to get the full compensation that you deserve as the injured passenger in an accident. Insurance companies will fight to keep from giving their own customers what they deserve in an accident and the insurance companies will fight even harder to give someone who is not covered by them what he or she deserves. If you do not have an attorney to represent you in an accident case you will be overwhelmed by paperwork from hospitals, insurance companies, physicians, etc. Having an attorney who knows how insurance companies work is the best move that you can make. An attorney can deal with all the headaches of paperwork and making sure that you receive the full compensation that you deserve. Dealing with all of these difficulties and suffering an injury at the same time is more than many people can handle. If you suffer an accident as a passenger you need a lawyer who is on your side and who will watch out for your best interest. You can be sure that the insurance companies will have attorneys on their side and you will need one too.

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Anonymous said...

personal injury lawyers are popping up all over the place these days... its a good thing really. guess it gives us peace of mind should we ever fall victim to a serious brain injury, or indeed a head injury of any kind...

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