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Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Texas child was hit by foul ball

Dallas (AP)-In the bottom of the first inning, the second baseman-- the first player up to bat -- ripped a line-drive foul ball down the third base line and into the stands. Helplessly as the ball flew at his daughter, hitting her forehead, the father watched.
"We probably weren't 100 feet or so from home plate," the father said. "She was sitting on her grandfather's lap. Neither one saw it coming. They had just looked away for just a second and it happened."
The impact left a small cut on the child's forehead that bled for a short time and a knot almost as big as a baseball. She cried for a minute but remained alert and "eerily calm," her father said.
"She was very calm and did very, very well, but she isn't a calm child. She's very charismatic," he said. "That's what had us so concerned."
The child was moved to the clubhouse until an ambulance arrived and took her to Cook Children's Medical Center. While at the hospital, the girl had trouble responding and began to vomit. A CT scan determined that she had a fractured skull, a blood clot and bleeding outside her brain, her father said.
By 10 p.m., less than three hours after being struck, the soon-to-be Bryson Elementary School kindergartner was in surgery, receiving an emergency craniotomy.
"At this point, the doctor said the prognosis is very good," the father said. "She will make a full recovery, and she will start school on time with everybody else."
The child was in good condition Wednesday and could be home by week's end.
"Thank God! This could have been a major catastrophe," said her grandmother in a phone interview from her home in New York.
Relatives marveled at the care that the child has received at the hospital.
"We would be nowhere without our blessings from God right now," the father said.
Added the grandmother: "We'd be just as bad off without this hospital."
The child's grandmother said the surgeon was even able to avoid shaving the blue-eyed girl's long brown hair.
"They didn't shave her head, which is wonderful because she has hair down the middle of her back," the grandmother said.
"She is breathtakingly beautiful. I'm not just saying that because she's my granddaughter."
The child was in and out of sleep Wednesday and has no memory of the ball hitting her.
"She remembers everything else. She remembers it was Finding Nemo playing in the room when we first got to the hospital," the father said.
"Everybody is concerned -- every person in our organization from the owner right on down to the player who hit the ball."
How many more fatalities shall we witness before something is done about this phenomena?

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