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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Injured by your spouse?

Texas law recognizes two different forms of assault. First, there is the bodily injury contact, which requires injury, and second there is the offensive contact, which does not. The latter could be in a form of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). For instance, if your spouse has an extramarital affair while you are married to them, you in fact may have a cause of action against your spouse, if you become infected with an STD. Many spouses stay on abusive relationships even after this phenomena.

The reason why a spouse may have a legal cause of action against a spouse is simple. How many of you would have sex with your spouse if your spouse would tell you, "honey, I just had sex with another person, I may be infected with something, but let’s have sex." It would be hard to imagine that any one of us would allow such a intimate contact with ourselves, after our spouse breaks that trust. Many, if not all of us, would consider that offensive.

When a spouse commits adultery, most of the time, if not always, they do not inform the other about the affair. And if the same spouse continues to have sex with his/her spouse, after having sex with another person, other than their spouse, and infects the spouse with an STD; unless the spouse uses protection for the other spouse, the spouse that committed the affair has, for all legal purposes, "offensive contact" with the other spouse. WOW, that was a mouth full one!

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MSmith said...

My spouse gave me an STD, can I sue her for anything in Texas? I will be going to your website for more specific details...

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