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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Slip and Fall cases

In our opinion, the slip and fall era of multiple filed cases is getting extinct. Insurance companies and their attorneys have gotten good at arguing the main issue: " notice of a dangerous condition that existed."

When do I have a claim for my Injuries if it happened at some one else property? The old mith that if you get injured on someone's property then you are entitle to a recovery is not longer true. Unless the property owner, negligently failed to keep its invitees safe by not removing or correcting the dangerous condition, you must likely are barred from recovery in Texas. The fact that a dangerous condition existed may not be the only factor on your case. The owner of the property must have had "notice" of the dangerous condition and failed to correct it.

The era of sliping and falling on a spill of water (or any liquid for that matter) is almost gone. Many big companies in Texas has opted to take cases to trial rather than settling the case because they know that the standard is very hard to meet. When customers at the grocery store spill a liquid, unless the owner of the property had notice of the spill, and failed to correct the spill in a reasonable time and manner, the owner may not be at fault for the customer's spill.

On the other hand, if the owner of the property created the "dangerous" condition, then notice is not an issue. If you have been injured at a store by a dangerous condition on the store, give us a call (210) 979-9777 or visit our website for a free consultation. We care about your legal needs!


Anonymous said...

Sustaining a personal injury can be a traumatic experience, especially if it isn't your fault! You may have a case for compensation and should get the advice of a specialist lawyer. There are case studies available to view for an idea if you have a genuine claim.

Jay Parmar said...

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, on private or public property, indoors or out.It commonly occurs occurs when someone trips and lands on the floor or ground as a result of a seen or unseen hazard.Property owners need to be aware of the consequences should an accident occur. If you have the misfortune to slip and fall on a third party property and harm yourself for no blame of yours except for the negligence of the owner of the property then the proprietor will be liable for your injuries.It is a good idea to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after you are injured in any slip and fall case. Most attorneys will quickly investigate the scene of the accident to preserve any evidence before it is lost. For more information, visit at: workplace accidents.

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