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Friday, July 11, 2008

Insurance companies delaying tactics, who benefits?

Even before the Mckinsey documents were ever discovered by Plaintiff’s attorneys, insurance companies have been attempting to capitalize on the fact that–most personal injury lawyers–depend on the quick settlement of cases, in order to continue doing business. Moreover, client’s impatience sometimes may aggravate the situation. Insurance companies, knowing this facts, are notorious in stalling for time, in order to maximize their shareholder’s profit, and not necessarily their client’s (insured person) liability exposure.

This is particularly true for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Un-Insured Motorist claims (UM), or most commonly known as no fault claims. Because of the aforementioned practice by insurance companies, many major insurance companies in the United States could be violating the bath faith dealings with their clients. In essence, the same tactics encompassed on the Mckinsey documents.

The Mckinsey documents turned the insurance industry upside down. They're from a business consultant hired by Allstate to boost profits. The consultant suggested a new business model that critics say is now widely used to shortchange accident victims who file a claim. For instance, Allstate has changed their "good hands" to "boxing gloves" attitude. This is only in relation to paying on claims, not with their presentation to the public at large.

In the past, Insurance companies used to focus on making money by selling more policies. But McKinsey offered a way to boost the bottom line without selling more policies or raising premiums. Resent studies revealed that claims payments in general have been dropping industry-wide. Many insurers say they're not being dishonest, they're reducing fraud, which they say was once widespread. But experts say many insurance companies are feeling the competitive pressure to keep premiums down, and this is one way to do that and still make money. Like they need to make even more money!

In the end, who benefits by the tactics used by insurance companies? Insurance companies. Consumers like you and I are left sometimes to fend for ourselves because let’s face it, if the case is not worth fighting for, who is going to take on the Big Insurance Company?
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