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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go out and vote today!!!

Our democracy allow us to exercise our rights as citizens to elect the people we believe should lead us. Many people complaint about the choices made, yet, many don't vote.

We encourage every citizen of Bexar County to go out and vote. This is the only way that your voice can be heard.

As many of you have been faced with the devastating results that proposition 12 has had on injuries, when people don't vote, the results are horrible. Its time to talk to our elected officials and tell them, enough is enough.

Many injured victims have suffered. Please, go out and vote today! Tort reform needs to be reformed so that the injured can be compensated again. As we have seen in the past years, when the injured cannot get justice, is time to change so that compensation can level the playing field.

Again, please, go out and vote today!!!

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