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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Insurance companies already using the new law. ONLY IN TEXAS!!!

Insurance companies have long protected their interest, not the interest of injured victims. In Texas, tort (deform) has nothing but crippled the ability of a plaintiff to bring a case into court. It has also fattened the already big pocket of insurance companies. "The moral of the story is this: If you have a claim against a big corporation, take whatever it offers, because if you dare to take them to a jury, you risk your economic life." ONLY IN TEXAS!!!

In 2003, the last major tort reform legislation mandated that plaintiffs who rejected settlement offers and win a jury verdict must receive a judgment award of at least 80% of the offer; otherwise, they are responsible for paying legal fees for the losing defendant from the date they refuse the settlement offer. ONLY IN TEXAS!!!

This existing provision is already a powerful weapon, and already in use in the legal arsenal of deep-pocket defendants such as insurance companies and corporations, since plaintiffs would be tempted to accept low-ball settlements rather than risk receiving nothing. ONLY IN TEXAS!!!

The playing field in Texas is already sharply tilted in favor of the defendants. The wrongdoers can and will continue doing wrong but now, they will threaten Plaintiff into accepting low offers simply because they can. ONLY IN TEXAS!!!

Allstate has already called our law firm indicating that "we better accept this offer," or else, don't you know the law? What a shame! ONLY IN TEXAS!!!

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