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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why do you need a lawyer for your auto accident?

Prime time TV has made millions of dollars based on reality shows, or supposedly reality shows like The Practice, Law and Order, Boston Legal and many more. TV stations also bombard us with more reality shows in the form of Judge Judy, The People’s Court, Judge Mathis and many more. This has created a phenomena that I like to call “TV lawyer syndrom.” In essence, people are lead to believe that they too can take care of their legal matters.

Our San Antonio Lawyers have seen an increase of the so called “TV lawyers” based on the fact that most people now know the law (since they have watched it on TV). In the are of Auto Accidents, there is no exceptions. Unfortunately, insurance companies have taken advantage of this situation. In Texas, now with the passing of new laws, the injured is at risk of losing it even more!

When you are a victim of an auto accident, please, contact a lawyer. We have seen an increase of case where the liability was clear, yet the client decided to do it for him/her self, two years later, the insurance companies have an affirmative defense of “statute of limitations” since the injured person did not file a complaint on time. Insurance wins.

What you see on TV from insurance companies that “you are in good hands” and that “we are always there,” are only sales pitches from the insurance industry. They are not there to protect you, they are there to protect their bottom line, not yours. Insurance companies have at their disposal, thousands of lawyers to handle their cases. Why not you?

Our Law Firm has handle thousands of auto accident cases in San Antonio successfully. Our injury lawyers and attorneys can help you get what you deserve. You do not pay us, unless we win the case for you. Is that simple. This is a fact that insurance companies don’t want you to know. You do not have to represent yourself in an auto accident. Let us do it for you! After all, you would not do your own brain surgery, would you? Of course not!

We have created a simple way to help yo during and accident. Just visit the Android Market Place or the iTune Store and download our FREE Auto Accident Application. You will be glad that you did. Because, its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!!!


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