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Monday, May 28, 2012

During a trial, you never know what a juror is thinking!

Jurors are very unpredictable! We know that, there are three kinds of jurors, but during a trial, anyone can change. Specially, if the subject of the trial is controversial, complicated or boring. We saw that this past week in Federal Court, and thus this post.

We believe in the system that we have in America, but, can a juror get it wrong? When both sides have strong arguments, credible witnesses and a lot of facts to back up their story, what do jurors focus on? It would be interesting to know, as a litigator, what those jurors are thinking during your argument, or during your questioning of a particular witness.

What if one side has so much money that, the other side looks ill prepared. What if one side can bring experts, videos and gadgets and the other side can't? Is that equal? What if one side is backed up by an insurance company, and the other one is not?

Our jurisprudence system was created with justice and equality for all. Our founding fathers envisioned a system where, a jury of your peers, would be the judges of the facts. But what if they get it wrong? What if the jurors are confused. What if the jurors fall asleep and the most likable party gets their vote. What if the jurors are so tired, that they just want to leave?

It is an honor to work in a system that is fair and impartial for all. But, is it equal? We believe that, the more green you have, the easier it becomes to get justice for your client. Maybe the more green its spent to prepare for a trial, the better outcome will be for your client. Is that equal? It is fair! And, it is impartial....never equal!

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