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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Austin's police officer shoots and kills civilian

Hundreds of pages of documents and never before seen video reveal more about the night an Austin police sergeant shot and killed a man. On June 3, 2007, Sergeant Michael Olsen was warning drivers in East Austin to turn down their loud music.

“I’m out here because of the loud music, okay,” Olsen told one driver on his dashboard camera.
It had been an evening that had already caused Olsen some stress. He admits to another officer he had lost his temper -- even “chewed out” a driver. Olsen: Gah, I hate that I lost my temper like twice tonight. Another officer: What? Olsen: I feel bad that I lost my temper like twice tonight.

Not long after that, Olsen got a call that there was a man with a gun outside of Chester’s Nightclub. “You said someone outside with a gun? … Do you have a description of the guy with a gun?" asked Olsen. Olsen and his partner are across the street. They walk to the Chester's parking lot to find the man, who turned out to be Kevin Brown. “Let me see your hands, man... Put your hands up.. Hey hey hey... (Hear running.... Inaudible.)” Olsen said.

Olsen’s wireless microphone then cuts out. It is sound that matches the home video released of the scuffle soon after the shooting. One minute after the chase, the cameras capture audio of the dispatcher confirming the shots. Other officers begin responding -- some run to the shooting scene.

From another officer's camera, you can hear Olsen talking to the dispatcher. Dispatcher: 10-4 just to clarify 1090, you were not shot - you shot him. Olsen: 10-4, I shot him.
Shortly after the shooting, an officer questions a man who had left his apartment to see what was happening.

“I heard gunshots and I said 'Oh, baby, them close.' And I heard that dude say, 'I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, man, I don’t want to die,'” said the man of what he heard Kevin Brown saying. In documents also released Wednesday, we learn what Sergeant Olsen told the chief of police. He says, “I did what I had to do. And I regret it. I regret having to take the life of another person, but I was forced into that situation.”

Just last week APD Chief Art Acevedo fired Michael Olsen, but Olsen is appealing that decision.
Olsen shot Brown twice in the back. The chief says the second shot was unnecessary. Olsen said he feared Brown was reaching for a gun. The Brown family is suing Olsen and the city of Austin.

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