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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hit & run driver totals van, wheelchair

(AP)- An Austin mother is anxiously awaiting justice more than a month after a hit and run driver totalled her van and her son's $8,000 wheelchair. It happened November 6th on Cameron Road.
"We were right there on Cameron road, there we are stopped with our blinker on and a guy in a big F 150 truck hit us and straight on" says Lori Carbajal. The mother and her 6-year old son Daniel who she calls "Peanut" had just left Dell Children's Hospital where he had surgery.
The driver of a red Ford F-150 pick-up rear-ended them, parked his truck, locked it and took off running.

He has not been seen or heard from since. Austin Police were on the scene and filed a report but Carbajal says she was just assigned a detective to her case on Tuesday. "I called his telephone number and his recording says that he's out of the office from the 8th through the 18th of December... so here we are stuck again" she says.

Carbajal and her son have certainly been through their share of setbacks.
When her son was only 4-months old, his biological father shook and beat him in a fit of rage because the infant wouldn't stop crying. The shaking incident damaged the infant's brain, he can't walk or talk and is blind and has the 6-year old has the mental capacity of a 6-month old.
The wheelchair was custom-fitted which is why his mother says it costs 8-thousand dollars.
Carbajal's insurance company is waiting on A.P.D. to send them the police reports.
Witnesses saw a hispanic man jump out of the truck which caused the accident but no more details are known about him.

If you have been the victim of a hit and run, contact us we can help. We care about your legal needs.

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