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Friday, April 11, 2008

U.S. Law Firms, please beware.

First and foremost, we would like to take this opportunity to thank City Bank Fraud Department for preventing our firm from falling under the scheme that we are about to reveal to Law Firms all over the United States. Again, thank you!

Recently, our law firm received a proposal for business representation from Asia. We are expanding our Internet marketing, and apparently, it was working. Our first clients from the Orient had arrived with a proposal almost impossible to resist. In reality, this crooks are not from Asia, they are from Nigeria and their base of operations is Canada.

This is how their scam works. They will contact you via mail, or electronically through the firm’s website page. They will pose themselves as Asian corporations in need of representation against their clients. Their alleged name was Daechang. (This is not to say that Daechang was the company perpetrating the fraud, this was the name that the crooks used this time). We believe that they used real companies names in order to achieve their objectives. So, we conducted research, and it was all legitimate. Daechang, happens to be an Asian corporation with international clients.

According to them, they have clients all over US and their clients have delinquent accounts. They will tell you that, they have tried the same techniques in Europe with great success. So apparently, all they would need is a reputable firm (so far, our law firm fitted the profile). Our firm was to contact these American companies, in an effort to avoid litigation. The operations department from our firm sent Daechang the retainer agreement, and so the usual hourly contract was sent to the Asian corporation, and it was signed by their alleged president Mr. Si-young, cho. In most cases, our business retainer pre litigation is $25, 000.00 and our firm will not start any representation before the retainer is sent to our main office.

The next day, their president contacted us and indicated that (PCC Logistics) was ready to write a certified check for them through our law firm for the amount of $194, 000.00. They would need immediate representation from the firm, in order to help them collect from PCC Logistics. Mr. Si-young, cho instructed the PCC Logistics to send the check to the law firm, since the law firm represented them in the US.

We informed Mr. Si-young, cho that unless we received the retainer, we would not represent them; however, that same day, a certified check for the amount of $194, 000.00 arrived via Federal Express to our main office attached with an invoice from PCC Logistics. Mr. Si-young, cho had indicated that we were to subtract our retainer agreement from the $194, 000.00 and sent them the rest. Sounds familiar?

We were skeptical, so we took the alleged certified check to our bank. They informed us that "all of the right features of a certified check were present" that "we had nothing to worry about, to deposit the check in our accounts." Thank God that we decided to go to the drawee bank before depositing into our accounts. The folks at City Bank worked very hard to let us know that the check was fake.

We pray that the crooks conducting this schemes will get caught. We also pray that no other law firms in the U.S. will be affected by their fraud.

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