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Thursday, January 14, 2010

What to do if you have an accident

Many of our clients have asked us to let others know what to do when they have an accident. The reason for the request is obvious. In Texas, many people decide to represent themselves during a personal injury claim. Although we don't recommend it, here are some pointers to remember.

1. The insurance company is not your friend. Contrary to popular belief, you are not in good hands. They are only interested on their bottom line, not yours.

2. Take your own pictures. Many liability cases are decided, not on what the police report says, but on what the pictures of the accident say. Always think on liability, even if its clear who is at fault.

3. Your recovery is directly proportional to your injury. There are two parts on an auto accident claim. Property damage and personal injury. For the most part, insurance companies will challenge the personal injury part.

4. Get witnesses information. Many times people stop at the scene of an accident to see whether everything is OK, ask for their phone numbers.

5. Get medical attention. Even if you feel OK at the time, the fact that you suffered an accident could be dangerous later on after the shock passes.

6. Get legal representation. As they say in law school "only a fool has him/her self for a client." Besides, what do you have to loose vs. what you could win.

Insurance companies have their legal team on hand, and so should you. We are San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers here to help you with your legal needs. Visit our website The Baez Law Firm, P.C. or give us a call (210) 979-9777.


Andrew said...

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