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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why does police brutality happen?

In the years that The Baez Law Firm has litigated police brutality cases in Texas, the lingering question remains on our clients mind. Why did the police abused me? To understand the problem, one must go deep into the past, the present and perhaps into the future of our police force.

From the inceptions, police forces were not looked favorably. Since, police are agents or agencies empowered to use force and other forms of coercion and legal means to effect public and social order, where in many cases, the law becomes the lawless, many officers take that power to another level. But why?

Perhaps you have been a witness of reverse bully's. We have come to find out that, many officers who commit violations of civil rights, do so because they over exercise their power as a result of the phenomena that we will call “reverse bullysm.” Nearly 95% of officers that have committed violations were bullied by others when young. Since, now they have the power to use force, they are not going to be bullied again, thus the phenomena occurs.

According to the experts, "In order for police officers to do their job, they may be vested by the state with a monopoly in the use of certain powers. These include the powers to arrest, search, seize, and interrogate; and if necessary, to use lethal force. However, police organizations must sometimes deal with the issue of police corruption, which is often abetted by a code of silence that encourages unquestioning loyalty to one's police unit."

Again, as we litigate these cases, we find that many cops know that their fellow officers are violating the law, but because of the code of silence, they do not speak out. Sometimes without wanting to do so, other officers participate in the police brutality simply because of the code or simply because it is a way to release all pressure that they have build up from the job.

We are not saying that all cops are bad, but we are saying however, that the system that monitors our cops is obsolete. There has to be better technology to employ in monitoring police officers and harsher punishments for those who violate the law, specially of those officers who violate the rights of victims that did not commit a crime.

As of today, many police departments only suspend or terminate the offenders without ever having to face any criminal charges. And the worse part is, that since the department terminated the offender, now they say that they are not responsible for the victim’s damages since the bad cops was acting alone, and not under the color of law. We see these tactics over and over again.

If you have been a victim of police brutality, call us (210) 979-9777 we can help.

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