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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Defending the wrongfully accused in Court

The attorneys at The Baez Law Firm will be representing a case in San Antonio for the wrongfully accused. The District's Attorneys Office is prosecuting this case for a aggravated sexual assault with a child. The case is The State of Texas vs. Rene Gonzales. Mr. Baez took the case because, even though he is a father of four little girls, he knows in his heart that Mr. Gonzales did not do what he has been accused of doing.

Mr. Baez researched the evidence submitted against Mr. Gonzales prior of the taking of the case. He noticed that, there was no physical evidence directly linking Mr. Gonzales to a crime. He also noticed that alibi witnesses where not allowed to submit a report to the investigators. But he noticed most that, the DNA evidence found on the girl's underwear did not belong to Mr. Gonzales.

The prosecution is ignoring all of the signs that this is a wrongful prosecution instead they are spending all their power and money attempting to convict Mr. Gonzales. As Mr. Baez puts it "there are too many innocent people in Bexar County convicted based on garbage evidence."

The Bexas County crime lab is to be blamed for this tragedy. The technique used, the methods employed are not up to standards, but they continue to submit garbage evidence because no one challenges it. This case is not an exception. From day one, the cops placed their eyes on Mr. Gonzales, and have not bother to look any where else, even though they should.

So, we are defending the wrongfully accused in San Antonio because justice requires to do so. Based on this case, we realized that the DA could use its power against any one of us, simply because they can. This is wrong and needs to be stop. We do this because, we care about your legal needs!


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Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer said...

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Roger Foley said...

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Charla said...

It's hard for a wrongfully accused to face life after being suspected of committing a crime. There are always two sides to a story, and defense lawyers are there to give justice to innocent people convicted of doing a crime.

Charla Mcguyer

Marlin said...

My younger brother thinks that defending a wrongfully accused person is a heroic act. Well, I'd say whatever lawyers do is heroic. They give hope to the accused people and heal whatever scar the circumstances have brought.
--Marlin Sayle

Mike said...

Defending the wrongfully accused would be more effective if the client has concrete evidence and a solid alibi. Pieces of evidence should be examined thoroughly. Though it would mean a lot of work, it can certainly help a case establish a solid base.

Mike Clark

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