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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do you have to tell your insurance company?

In Texas, insurance companies have ways to get out of having to pay for the accident caused by their insured. This is so because, the insured has an affirmative duty to inform "or give notice" to the insurance company about potential exposure to liability.

For example, we represented an injured person and won at the trial. The insurance company filed an appeal, we won that too, yet, the insurance gets another bite at the apple when now, they are claiming that, the insured never gave them "notice." I guess they forgot that they filed the appeal.

This is just an example of how insurance companies used their power (money) to get out of paying for their responsibilities. This is why they are rich, and we are not! If you have a problem with your insurance company, give us a call (210) 979-9777 or visit our websites: or

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Buy Income Protection said...

Insurance companies would also often fall back on the the fine print to avoid paying their clients what is rightfully owed to them. So it is important that you understand every word in your insurance policy to avoid any problems that could arise when it comes to claims.

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