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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to do when you have an accident

Many people are not aware of what to do when they have an accident. Fortunately, many of you will never have to do deal with this situation; however, if you do, then you should know what to do. When a person causes an accident or when the person is not responsible for the accident, the actions taken at the scene should be the same.

First, check to see if any one is injured. If a person is injured, call an ambulance. This is important because a life could be at risk, and the prompt actions of person could be the difference between life and death. Next, make sure there is no more potential for further accidents. If the scene is unsafe, call the police and wait for their instructions. If the scene is safe, then exchange insurance information.

Next, gather names and phone numbers of witnesses. Many people forget this step and that is the difference on the determination of liability. If possible, take pictures of the accident. This could help you later on in the case.

Finally, call your insurance company and take directions from them.

NEVER admit to any liability at the scene. This is when many people go wrong. It is not the job of the people involved in the accident to determine liability, that is the job for the insurance adjuster.

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