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Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Evidence in the death of Bill Bohlke case for the Sheriff of Atascosa County and/or any authority in Texas

Recently, the news about the death of the Former Mayor of Hollywood Park Bill Bohlke has made headlines across the nation, specially in San Antonio. This is also true in small towns around Texas. One of the towns that reported on the death was Pleasanton. To read that report, press HERE:

Our Law Firm has issued a Press Release to all of the major New Stations across the country. Here is an example of what was released to Kens 5 Eye Witness News in San Antonio.

We hope that this new evidence can be used to help the Bohlke family.  Now, to our readers and the public in general, we will keep you posted if the Atascosa Sheriff decides to open the Investigation that, based on his own words, was never conducted by the Atascosa County.

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