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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Homicide Detective uncovers more evidence in the murder of Bill Bohlke

We contacted a Homicide Detective to help us solve the murder of Bill Bohlke, since neither the Atascosa County or the Atascosa County Sheriff's Department are willing to help. This is what he has discovered so far...

If you look at the picture on your left, this is a post mortem picture of Bill Bohlke's back.  You can see that the area were the skin has been  removed was not bleeding.

Now, when you fall off a bike and scrape your skin, or when you remove your skin by any means, you will bleed profusely. This happens when the heart is pumping! Your body senses the injury and the blood will be rushing to aid the newly broken skin regenerate. In this picture, Bill was already dead when the skin was removed. Notice that there is no blood, not even dry blood.

If you look further to the picture, on the top left, there appears to be some skin pulling up. It looks like waxy paper. This is called slippage of the skin. This happens when the skin is dead and it starts to decompose. The detective noticed that the slippage was in an upward position, that meant that Bill was already on his stomach, when this injury occurred.

The discoloration on top of the injury is called Tardieu Spots. This was created by pressure, where the capillaries break. All this signs you can see, between 10 to 12 hours after death. This is consistent with the fact that Bill also had Rigor Mortis, which meant that Bill had been dead for longer than 10 hours. Because Bill had already Rigor Mortis, this meant to him that Bill had been moved. His last resting place was not where he was killed.

When the detective looked at the picture on the left, he noticed that Bill has a pale top right across his right cheek but pink to purple discoloration towards his nose, forehead and left cheek. This is called Livor Mortis or lividity. This is caused by a shift of blood from one side to the other.

Now put pressure on any part of your body, when you do that, the part that has the pressure becomes pale, and the blood rushes around the area. In Bill's case, the blood rushes down. This meant to him that he had something heavy putting pressure on his right side of his face.

The detective pointed out that Bill must have suffered tremendous amounts of pressure on his head. He stated that this is typical with suffocation or strangulation. Neither one of which can be caused by a donkey. Unless the donkey sat on Bill Bohlke! This was impossible simply because he had been moved as previously discussed.

Based on this two pictures alone, detective concluded that it was NOT POSSIBLE, for a donkey to have killed Bill Bohlke. In order for a donkey to have killed Bill, the donkey had to have sat on Bill's face, and suffocate him to death, then, put some pressure on his back, then kicked his back and then move him.

This was either a very smart donkey or a freak act of nature. The detective believes that Bill Bohlke was murdered by a human, not a donkey. Please share with every one you know. We need to bring Justice for Bill Bohlke.


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John Steve said...

Based on the physical evidence, it was impossible for a donkey to leave one mark on the dead body since, hooves mark from donkey are very distinct. find a solicitor They are not like the picture on Bill Bohlke's body.

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